As business phone equipment and repair specialists, at Spain Telecom, we’re very passionate about customer service. At Spain Telecom business phones we are striving not only to meet your expectations but to exceed them in Eastern, NC. We realize that no matter how good or great a product is, it really doesn’t make a difference without exceptional service. That’s why our knowledgeable and friendly support representatives provide 24/7 service.

That being said, sometimes when you’re dealing with a tough customer, it can be hard to know the right thing to say. Sometimes saying one wrong thing can make an irritated customer into an angry customer, which is never ideal. With that in mind, here is our quick guide to help you get unproductive phrases out of your vocabulary.

1. “Sorry About That”

The customer doesn’t want you to hear you say you’re sorry, though, at the same time, it’s important that their concerns are heard. To accomplish both of these, say “My apologies” instead.

2. “I Don’t Know”

It’s important, even if you don’t know, but you don’t want to seem unequipped for the job. Say “I may not know now, but I will find out for you” to be truthful and assure them that you can solve this problem.

3. “Please Calm Down”

While it is absolutely important to calm down an angry customer, saying “please calm down” will not do the trick. In fact, it may make them angrier. Say instead, “I can understand why you feel that way. Let’s see what we can do now”. That way, you’re not devaluing their feelings and you can move forward.

Need More Help with Business Telephones?

Of course, the best way to create a positive customer service experience is to have the right equipment. We offer a variety of phones and networking components to help your business run smoothly. We’re more than a company that sells products; we make sure our products work as well as possible by offering personalized troubleshooting services to our customers, whether you need assistance with design, installation or any other area of product use. Our knowledgeable and friendly support representatives provide 24/7 service. If you’re ready to get started with Spain Telecom, don’t hesitate to contact us today!