At Spain Telecom, it’s not just about providing the business telephone equipment you need in Greenville and Pitt County, NC— it’s about making sure your entire system works. Lower your costs by sharing vital equipment such as printers, scanners, internet connections, and storage. We can provide your end-to-end networking needs.

One service that many of our clients find helpful for their business is on-hold messaging and music. If your company has an office with customers calling in, you’re more than likely going to have to put those customers on hold at some point. On-hold messaging and music is shown to help ensure that your customers stay on the line while they wait to be connected to the appropriate line.

Picture it: you call a company, a representative answers and asks you to hold for one moment. We have all been in this situation multiple times. Now imagine that while you are on hold, there is dead air, nothing. Many people will hang up in confusion, thinking that they have been disconnected. However, if there is soothing music or a message playing, the time seems to pass more quickly and you are assured that you are still connected, making it more likely that you will stay on the line.

Whether your company is a doctor’s office, law firm, or retail store, just to name a few, on-hold messaging and music is the perfect option for you. You can use that hold time to inform clients of important information like your office hours, or you can tell them about special promotions that your business has going on at the moment.

No matter what your business is, at Spain Telecom in Greenville, NC, we are dedicated to keeping your company connected to your clients. We provide a variety of business telephone equipment and services to make that possible.