At Spain Telecom, it’s not just about providing the business telephone equipment you need in Greenville and Pitt County, NC. It’s also about making sure your entire system works. Lower your costs by sharing vital equipment such as printers, scanners, internet connections, and storage. We can provide your end-to-end networking needs.

Is your internet down? We all know how frustrating it can be when your internet connection isn’t working, especially if your business depends on it. Think of how many times you’ve been working, either in the office or at home, and you lose connection in the middle of something important. So frustrating! Your internet can stop working for a number of reasons, so sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what the problem is.

The first things you should do to problem shoot this issue are the more obvious ones such as checking to make sure that everything is plugged in and turned on. Is your router plugged in? What about your modem? Is it an issue with your computer, laptop, or phone? You also want to double check to make sure that you’re trying to connect to the right network.

Once you have established that none of these things are the issue, it’s time to move on to the next steps. These include rebooting your modem and router, as well as resetting your wireless adapter. Once you reboot, give it a few minutes. Try to be patient and see if this fixes the issue. But if you are still unable to connect to the internet after all of this, it’s time to call your internet provider to get more specific solutions to the issue.

Fortunately, when you use Spain Telecom, we are here to help you with your whole system. This means that when the internet isn’t working, you can contact us to troubleshoot the issues. This saves you time because you won’t be sitting on your phone on hold forever, like you are with big internet service providers.

For all of your business telephone equipment needs, as well as your business equipment and networking needs, contact us at Spain Telecom in Greenville, NC.