At Spain Telecom, while we want to make sure we provide you with the best possible business telephone equipment you need, we also want to make sure your entire system works. If your business is in Greenville or Pitt County, NC, you have the opportunity now to lower your costs by sharing vital business equipment such as printers, scanners, internet connections, and storage. We are able to provide your end-to-end networking needs for your company.

Is your internet connection slow? Does it slow down your daily productivity, and/or are your employees getting frustrated at the speed of the internet? If your business is dealing with a slow internet connection, we can help you get back up to speed.

What about backups – do you have the ability to backup your work? Let us get your network up to speed and provide a backup that gives you peace of mind. Ask about our remote backup solutions. From cable drops to network analysis, we provide a whole host of solutions for your data needs.

In an office space, one of the common factors that contributes to slow internet speed is the fact that too many people are trying to connect to the internet at once. Fortunately, we can analyze your system and fix whatever issues your office is experiencing with your internet connection.

On top of that, we can help control and fix spam and viruses, which are factors that can also contribute to your internet’s slow speed. By making your internet secure for your company, we ensure that your connection is not only as fast as possible, but that your company’s vital information is kept safe.

For your business telephone equipment needs in Greenville and Pitt County, NC, contact us at Spain Telecom. We can’t wait to work with you and make your daily work experience even better than it already is.